Let’s change the world with code!

For this category, South Florida girls in grades 8-12 must identify a current issue in their community and figure out a way to tackle it using research, collaboration and of course: coding.

ChangeMaker Finalists will pitch their innovative projects to tech professionals during Code/Art Fest. The winning team will win a $5,000 grand prize, mentorship from partner organizations, Code/Art T-shirts, and be titled Code/Art ChangeMakers! Click here to see rubric and terms & conditions.

Deadline: February 20, 2023 @ 11:59 PM

2023 ChangeMakers

Project GEM

Project GEM

Team Name: The DeCoders Project Title: Project...

Project GEM

Project GEM

Team Name: The DeCoders Project Title: Project...




Particiants must be female-identifying or gender non-binary students in 8-12th grade who reside in Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe, or Palm Beach County, Florida.

Teams can be composed of 1 to 5 students. Students can not register in multiple teams.



Code a project (app, website, game, or AI project) that aims to solve or educate others about an issue in your community, such as (but not limited to): maintaining arts/culture/heritage, civic engagement, disability issues, disaster relief and emergency preparedness, education, elderly issues, animal protection, environmental sustainability, physical/mental health, human rights, poverty, public safety, racism, sexism, or underrepresentation in STEM.

What to Submit

Your team’s entry must consist of project URL, write-up and presentation video.

Projects can be an app, website, game or artificial intelligence (AI) project. If interested in using a different medium, please include it in your team registration. The presentation video must be no longer than 5 minutes and will help place the final 4 teams into the live pitch round. The more informative and creative, the better! See competition rubric and terms & conditions.

You may not submit your ChangeMaker project to any of Code/Art’s other competition categories.

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Register Your Team

Gather your girl squad and get registered on our hub! After registering your team, all members will receive confirmation emails as well as any additional updates and deadline reminders.

Teams can be made up of 1-5 students.

Step 2: Research Your Community

Learn about your community and the issues being faced locally. Come up with a solution to your problem and do some marketing research to find out if it’s a good solution and to learn about competitors who have similar solutions.

Use your research to create a business plan around your idea and to start building the solution.

Step 3: Start Coding Your Project

Your project can be an app, website, game, or Artificial Intelligence (AI) project. Project must have coding involved. If you have mulitple files to share please upload a zip file.

New to coding? Here are some resources.

Step 4: Answer Write-Up Questions

Work with your team to best describe your project by answering the prompt questions below. Your responses will help guide you through your video and final live presentation!

Your written response must include the answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the issue being addressed?
  2. Explain what your project does.
  3. Who is your project for? Who is the intended audience?
  4. How will your project address or improve your community issue?
  5. What did you learn while working on the project?
  6. What was the biggest challenge when creating your project?
  7. What was the most rewarding part of creating your project?
    Step 5: Record Your Video

    Showcase your team’s creativity and storytelling skills through your video submission. Videos must be 3-5 minutes long and should ultimately help viewers get a clear understanding of the issue at hand as well as your proposed solution. All team members should be involved in video pitch. Video links should be sent via YouTube or Vimeo.

    Your video will help judges determine if your team will make it to the second round and will be played during Code/Art Fest’s live pitch session.

    Step 6: Fill out Submission Form

    Submit your entry on the Code/Art online hub by February 17, 2023 @ 11:59 PM EST.

    Only one team member has to fill out the submission form. Your entry must include your project URL, written portion and video URL.

    Step 7: Pitch Your Idea at Code/Art Fest

    If your team makes it to the finalist round, you will have the opportunity to showcase your project and video at Code/Art Fest where the winning team will be determined during a live panel discussion with tech professionals. Up to 4 teams will be chosen to present at Code/Art Fest.

    Finalists will be contacted by Code/Art staff and invited to an in-person rehearsal to prepare for the live pitch round at Code/Art Fest.

    “The ChangeMaker challenge is a unique and incredible opportunity to analyze a real-life problem in society and create a tangible solution through coding. With the help of Code-Art and the Microsoft mentors, our team was able to gain vast amounts of knowledge: we were able to get in touch with tech professionals and startup advisors, gain insight on how to develop and maintain the website and non-profit we are in the course of creating, and obtain valuable tips on how to succeed in our future professional lives.”

    – Sarah D., ChangeMaker Contestant

    Code/Art’s Changemaker Competition provided me with the rewarding experience of working on all aspects of a project. Beyond just coding, I learned how to design an app, collaborate with my teammates, explain our thought process, and defend our choices to the judges, all while trying to solve an issue that was meaningful to me. The mentors and judges encouraged us to evaluate our app from the perspective of the user, raising valuable points on how we build a bridge between the coder and the consumer to create a truly helpful product.”

    – Yuhan L., ChangeMaker Contestant

    “Participating in the Code/Art Changemaker Competition was an amazing way to create a real solution to a problem in our community. I loved meeting judges and getting feedback on our app.”

    – Amelia F., ChangeMaker Contestant

    Congratulations to all

    Winners & Finalists!