City Furniture Elevates STEAM Education as Key Sponsor of Code/Art in 2024

Jan 18, 2024 | All News

We are thrilled to announce City Furniture as a visionary sponsor for Code/Art in 2024, solidifying its commitment to fostering innovation, inclusion, and education in Code/Art’s year-round programs and community outreach. 

This dynamic partnership promises exciting programming support and events throughout the year, forging a powerful collaboration between City Furniture/City Tech and Code/Art here in South Florida. 

Key partner events to lookout for:

  1.  Code/Art Fest 2024: As a key sponsor, City Furniture will play a pivotal role in shaping the vibrant atmosphere and content of Code/Art Fest 2024 – our annual gathering celebrating young female coders. 
  2.  Code/Art Summer Camp: City Furniture will contribute to the camp’s enriching experience by featuring guest speakers from City Tech, bringing real-world insights to the next generation of female technologists.
  3.  Educational field trips and site tours: City Furniture headquarters will serve as a hub for field trips, offering students and teachers in the Code/Art community an opportunity to learn about innovations and career opportunities happening at City Furniture / City Tech. 
  4.  Wine & Code community outreach events: Throughout the year, City Furniture will co-host Code/Art Wine & Code nights across show rooms in South Florida for adults working in tech or exploring careers in tech to network and learn about the world of generative art and creative coding. 

City Furniture’s partnership with Code/Art in 2024 not only underscores its commitment to innovation but also highlights the company’s dedication to nurturing future talent in STEM fields. This collaboration is poised to be a mutually beneficial journey, creating lasting impressions and significantly contributing to the advancement of education and technology.

To learn more about careers in tech at City Furniture:

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