Code/Art Clubs

Coding Clubs, Camps & Workshops

Code/Art clubs are creative coding clubs that meet weekly either in person or online and are for 3rd-8th grade girls and non-binary students. Club participants learn web and mobile app development, 3D modeling, game design, and tools for digital art and design. Club instructors are often alumni, trained instructors with a CS background or are Code/Art-trained teachers who lead a club as a school elective or after school club.

Grades 3-8

1.5 hours per week

Multi-level clubs for beginner-advanced students

Express Yourself

By adding the ART to Code, Code/Art clubs aim to have words like “creative” and “exciting replace “boring” and “difficult” in the minds of girls when they think about coding.

Find Community

Code/Art clubs are engaging, supportive and collaborative spaces where girls are free to learn together, ask questions, and help one another! 

Showcase Work

Students assemble a portfolio of cool coding projects and are also able to enter their projects in Code/Art’s national and regional coding competitions to win prizes and get their work recognized!

School Year Coding Clubs

Code/Art Jr. Clubs

Grades 3-5

Code/Art Jr. lessons focus on coding art, creativity, skills development, and fun. Code/Art Jr. girls will learn to code art animations, games, and interactive art using Scratch block coding.  Students also code generative art projects that can be submitted to Code/Art’s annual competition.

Code/Art Clubs

Grades 6-8

Code/Art club lessons cover a variety of programming languages, including Scratch, JavaScript, Python, HTML/CSS and more! There skills help prepare students for high-school computer science classes. Students also code generative art projects that can be submitted to Code/Art’s annual competition.

“I love when you look back at your code and it looks really complex it’s really cool to think ‘wow I did that and I understand it.'”

-Camila, Code/Art Club Student

End of Year Showcase

Code/Art Club members gain programming skills in the first two-thirds of the year that they utilize in a capstone group coding project – where they build a website, app, or game.

At the end of each school year, students present their projects during a showcase/graduation event hosted by Code/Art for parents, students and instructors to attend and celebrate the accomplishments from that shool year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Code/Art Clubs?

Code/Art Clubs are creative coding clubs for 3rd-8th grade girls and non-binary students focusing on web and mobile app development, 3D modeling, game design, and digital art tools.

Who can join Code/Art Clubs?

Girls and non-binary students in grades 3 through 8 are welcome to join.

How often do the clubs meet?

The clubs meet weekly for 1.5 hours either in person or online.

What will participants learn?

Participants will learn coding through art, creating animations, games, interactive art, and generative art projects using various programming languages.

Is there an end-of-year event for club members?

Yes, there’s a showcase/graduation event at the end of the school year where students present their capstone projects.

What Girls Say About Coding After Our Programs


said they see themselves more like a Coder


said they plan to major or minor in CS as a result of their club experience


said their club motivated them to continue coding in the future

* Data collected from 2020-2021 end-of-year Code/Art Club student surveys.