Mar 23, 2022 | ChangeMaker Projects 2022

Team Name: Focus  

Project Title: Focus

URL of Project:



In our website the problem we focused on was ADHD and finding helpful types and tricks on note taking and studying. It is meaningful to us because we know how it feels when you are trying to focus and you can’t. Our project involves studying tricks like organizational skills, note taking, alternative quiet places, a little bit about us, facts on ADHD, videos , and music. The intended audience is people or kids with ADHD but it is useful for anyone who needs it. We are hoping people will use our website to get better grades to have a knowledgeable community. While working on our website, we learned a lot more about ADHD, new coding algorithms, and how to import videos into our code. The most challenging part was importing the videos and the most rewarding part was completing our website.


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