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We strive to put young women, particularly young women from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, on track for future tech careers by providing welcoming early coding programs that focus on art, creativity and social good.


Your gift makes all the difference. 


Your gift makes all the difference. 

Code/Art Testimonials

“I love when you look back at your code and it looks really complex it’s really cool to think ‘wow I did that and I understand it.”

Camila, Code/Art Club Student

“You can create things like websites and images through sentences and strings of numbers. The prospect of knowing how to do that is amazing!”

Sahana S., CodeHER Alumna

“Many girls never even try coding because they think it’s purely computational and not something where they can be creative. By infusing art into all of our coding lessons, we show them coding can be creative. That’s where Code/Art really stands out.”

Amy Renshaw, CEO & Founder

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