How Code/Art’s Near-Peer Model Helps Girls See Themselves as Coders

Aug 22, 2023 | All News

Did you know that Code/Art uses a near-peer teaching model by employing college-level computer science majors to teach and mentor younger students? 

Why this model is so important 

This near-peer teaching model is a powerful approach that harnesses the influence of individuals who are close in age or experience to the learner. It acknowledges that students often learn effectively from peers who share their background, interests, and challenges, and leverages this connection to foster a sense of belonging and improve learning outcomes.

It is especially important to foster this sense of belonging for girls in computer science, a field that has been dominated by men for decades.


How Code/Art implements this model 

Code/Art employs the near-peer model in its Code/Art Clubs for Girls. Code/Art provides opportunities for college-level computer science majors, as well as high school and even middle school Code/Art Club alumnae to get involved as instructors, teaching assistants, mentors, and role models for younger students. The close age proximity between the near-peer mentors and the students creates an inclusive learning environment that resonates with the students.

Our college-level instructors also support the teachers we train by going into their classrooms to help deliver the Code/Art lessons. In that way, they also serve as role models to the students. Since the majority of our college-level instructors are female, they help the younger female students better envision themselves studying computer science and pursuing a career in tech.

Once girls express interest in CS, they are able to access further opportunities in CS, such as coding clubs, hackathons, coding competitions, credential-granting courses, and internships either through Code/Art, their school, or other CS providers. 


Are you majoring in Computer Science (CS) or a related field and interested in bridging the gender gap in CS by teaching or offering mentorship to Code/Art students? If so, email us at to learn more. 

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