Jennifer Martinez

Jul 12, 2023 | Alumni Series

jennifer martinez

Meet Jennifer Martinez, a Code/Art alumna and 2023 high school graduate headed to Washington University at St. Louis where she’ll be studying Business and Computer Science. Jennifer began her journey with Code/Art during her senior year of high school where she participated in our ChangeMaker competition and Future Tech LeadHERs Club. We had the chance to meet up with her this summer and see what she’s going to do now that she’s headed off to college. Read the interview below for insights into her experience with Code/Art programs and how she plans to pursue a career in computer science.

When did you get started with Code/Art and how old were you then? 

I started with Code/Art in 12th grade where my teacher, Lisa Hauser, introduced me to Code/Art’s program and I participated in the Future Tech LeadHERs Club. Coding was new to me and I realized that it was a hidden passion for me! With the help of Ms. Hauser, I was able to connect with you all and intern for the fall and spring term as the programs intern.

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What were some takeaways that you got from these experiences with Code/Art? 

Participating in the Future Tech LeadHERS club and ChangeMaker competition made me realize that I wanted to study computer science. This club, as well as all of Code/Art’s activities/events, allowed me to use technical skills and combine them with business skills in order to pitch a website with my team the SciChicks, for the ChangeMaker Challenge. I was so proud to have been part of this team and winning the competition. These experiences at Code/Art made my application to WashU, QuestBridge Match, Gates Scholarship, and Amazon Future Engineer stronger, helping me earn these awards.

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Let’s talk about some future plans. What university are you going to and what are you planning to study? 

I will be attending Washington University of St. Louis where I’m planning on studying Computer Science and Business.

Do you think that Code/Art played a role in your decision to go into tech? 

I didn’t know that I wanted to study computer science until my senior year of high school. I believe that participation in the programs year-long internship helped me ensure that I wanted to study both Business and Computer Science. I was able to realize what it would be like to work for a tech company, especially one that promotes tech equity and a safe space for fellow women in tech. 

To wrap up our interview, considering your experience, would you—when talking to a younger girl—recommend that they take part in programs like Code/Art and if so, why? 

Yes, I would recommend taking part in Code/Art’s programs. Code/Art helped me find my hidden passion for computer science and although my time was short with this program, I have been given countless opportunities to learn new skills that will help me as a woman in tech. Code/Art provided a space for me to be curious and feel empowered. I will be forever grateful to have been part of such an amazing program. 

Thank you for sharing your story with us!

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