We Use Art to Inspire
Girls in Computer Science.

Code/Art’s Innovative Approach

Code/Art is on a mission to increase the number of girls in computer science by delighting and inspiring them with the creative possibilities of computer programming. We strive to put young women, particularly young women from historically underrepresented groups, on track for future tech careers by providing welcoming early coding programs that focus on art, creativity and social good.

 We have reached over 7,500 girls to date!

Girls taught Code/Art lessons by K-12 Teachers trained by Code/Art

After school Code/Art Clubs & Coding Workshop Participants

Annual Coding Competition Contestants

Through art-infused coding programs, Code/Art provides fun and welcoming early coding opportunities for girls.

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Our Programs

Code/Art offers year round programming for both K-12 Students and Educators.


Workshops and school year support for K-12 art and tech teachers to learn Code/Art’s introductory lessons in order to implement them into their classrooms.

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Online and in-person coding clubs where girls learn web development, mobile apps, 3D modeling, game design, and code their own artwork in community!

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Annual All-Girls


Code/Art’s national competitions combine creativity, art, and coding to inspire girls to pursue computer science while also helping change society’s view of what a coder looks like. These friendly competitions are for girls, non-binary and genderqueer students in grades 3-12 residing in the U.S. Entry period runs from October through February.

Code/Art Testimonials

“I really love Code/Art! As a student, they taught me so much about coding and helped guide me to pursue a career in an industry where there aren’t many women.”

Sophia A., Code/Art Club Student

“It bonds her to a network of extraordinary young women who have a shared passion for computer science and art.”

Saif I., Parent

“I love coding and art and I loved how you could add them together to make something beautiful.”

Valentina N., Code/Art Club Student

“She’s gaining knowledge in something I wouldn’t know how to teach. Mrs. Tellez is a very talented, intelligent, patient teacher!”

Barbara A., Parent

“I now feel very confident about being able to teach these Code/Art lessons to my students during our summer camp week. Thanks for making the learning so fun and accessible!”

Kristine B., Teacher

“Knowing that I can understand and manipulate computers and software, and the freedom to code what I want are my favorite aspects of coding.”

Amy Z., Code/Art Club Student

“Previously she had no interest in coding. Now she sees the value and is not so resistant. The club opened new possibilities for her.”

Christiane A., Parent

“I love when you look back at your code and it looks really complex it’s really cool to think “wow I did that and I understand it.””

Camila P., Code/Art Club Student

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