Partner Spotlight: Infosys Foundation USA

May 21, 2024 | All News

As we approach the end of another successful school year filled with Code/Art school-based programming for our students and learning opportunities for our teachers, we’re excited to spotlight our ongoing partnership with Infosys Foundation USA. This partnership made possible our continued commitment to creating innovative, dynamic, and inclusive learning spaces through our education programs and community outreach.

This school year, our partnership with Infosys Foundation USA helped expand inclusive access to K-12 computer science (CS) education in multiple ways. The Foundation’s support enabled us to train nearly 100 K-12 teachers from across the country to incorporate and lead Code/Art lessons in their classrooms, while also making Code/Art lessons–in both English and Spanish–available on-demand to many more teachers, students and parents through their Pathfinders Online Institute.  Additionally, the partnership supported an interactive digital art exhibit that helped us bring our student’s coded artworks out into the community during Miami Art Week and CS Education Week this past December. 


As a result of these initiatives, thousands of students got an introduction to computer science through Code/Art’s creative coding lessons and almost 200 girls submitted entries to Code/Art’s national coding competitions JUST as a result of being introduced to coding through a teacher who attended one of the Code/Art teacher training sessions supported by Infosys Foundation USA.

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For Code/Art, our partnership with Infosys Foundation USA not only created an opportunity for us to continue delivering on the innovative education programs that we’re known for, but to also build new relationships as our participating teachers shared their learnings within their own classrooms, leading to greater impact within the community, which is at the heart of everything we do at Code/Art. Stemming from her experience in our teacher training program, one of our Code/Art-trained teachers, Donna Sacco, partnered with the art teacher at her school, Oakland Park Elementary School, to bring weekly coding activities to 15 girls who had never coded before. Another one of our educators who completed the same training, Mya Carr, ran school-based programs at two Broward County Public Schools, Silver Lakes Magnet Middle School and Millennium 6-12 Collegiate Academy, introducing Code/Art’s curriculum to her students, many of them first-time coders. 

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This is what Code/Art is all about – forging relationships that deepen our impact and support both our students and teachers in engaging learning programs that are thoughtful, innovative, creative, and rooted in community. Teachers who took part in our training sessions shared their excitement about “feeling confident to make mistakes and jump right in” with our support, while completing “one of the best CS trainings I’ve attended in a long time” is what drives Code/Art’s work, which is made possible through partnership and support from organizations such as Infosys Foundation USA. 

For Code/Art, the ripple effect goes beyond this partnership as it develops into opportunities like what we’re seeing through the work of committed educators like Donna and Mya, and we’re excited to see what comes next as we continue to join new communities and learning spaces. Thank you, Infosys Foundation USA, for your continued support!

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