Scaling Code/Art Programs in Pittsburgh and Detroit with PPG

Jan 7, 2024 | All News

For the past 6 years, PPG has been a consistent partner helping us bring Code/Art programs to teachers to new markets across the country. We are proud to announce that in 2024, we’ll be partnering once again to scale Code/Art programs in Pittsburgh and Detroit.

By expanding our award-winning curriculum and STEAM programs to Pittsburgh and Detroit. we’ll be able to reach a greater number of girls, enhancing their educational opportunities.

Why Pittsburgh and Detroit? 

In the current economic landscapes of Pittsburgh and Detroit, the tech sector offers a beacon of growth and opportunity. However, a disparity in computer science (CS) skills acquisition, particularly among women and girls, hinders local talent from fully participating in this technological renaissance. This gap is not merely a missed opportunity for women and girls in terms of career advancement and economic mobility, but also represents a significant loss for the local economies, which need diversifying and strengthening their tech workforce. This directly impacts the economic vitality and technological progress of cities like Pittsburgh and Detroit.

To combat this, we’ll be bringing our Train the Trainer model to Pittsburgh and Detroit to equip art teachers with the necessary tools and training to effectively deliver a CS+Art curriculum. This approach not only fosters a new cadre of educators proficient in blending art and tech, but also ensures a broader reach, impacting a greater number of young girls. Ultimately, this initiative is not just about bridging the gender gap in tech; it’s about laying the foundation for a more inclusive, skilled, and dynamic local workforce in both Pittsburgh and Detroit.

Thank you, PPG for investing in a more inclusive and diverse tech force! 

To learn more, visit:

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