Make it A Code/Art Summer!

Code/Art is proud to offer both in-person and virtual summer programs for girls this summer! See all 2024 offerings below.

Dance + Coding Camp

June 10 - June 28 | Mon - Fri

Rising 4th-9th Graders
Big Brothers Big Sisters (Miami)

Creative Coding Weekly Club

June 10 - July 29 | Mondays

Rising 6th-9th Graders
NSU Alvin Sherman Library (Broward)

Creative Coding Camp

July 22 - Aug 2 | Mon - Fri

Rising 6th-9th Graders
Big Brothers Big Sisters (Miami)

Virtual Creative Coding Camp

Aug 5 - Aug 9 | Mon - Fri

Rising 3rd-6th Graders

How Does It Work

Code/Art’s Summer Camps offer a creative coding experience for kids, available both in-person and virtually.

These free camps are designed for different age groups, with virtual camps for rising 3rd-6th graders and in-person camps for rising 6th-9th graders. Hosted in various locations or accessible from home, the camps aim to ignite a passion for technology and art through engaging coding projects.

Whether participants are local or joining from afar, Code/Art provides a platform for young learners to explore the intersection of coding and creativity.

Why Choose Us?

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Code/Art distinguishes itself by focusing on the unique blend of art and coding, fostering creativity and tech skills in a supportive environment.

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Their programs are designed to
engage and inspire, particularly
encouraging girls in technology,
aiming to bridge the gender gap in
STEM fields.

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With a team passionate about
education and innovation, Code/Art
offers a memorable learning
experience that goes beyond
traditional coding classes.


What age groups are the Code/Art summer camps for?

Virtual camps are for rising 3rd-6th graders, while in-person camps cater to rising 6th-9th graders.

Are the camps in-person or virtual?

Code/Art offers both in-person camps at various locations and virtual camps accessible from home.

What will participants learn at the camps?

Campers will explore the intersection of coding and creativity, learning computer programming through engaging art-related projects.

Is there a cost to attend the Code/Art summer camps?

The camps are free, providing an accessible learning experience for all interested participants.

Why should we choose Code/Art summer camps?

Code/Art emphasizes a unique blend of art and coding, aiming to foster creativity, tech skills, and to bridge the gender gap in STEM fields, especially encouraging girls in technology.