Code/Art Student Exhibit Unveiled at Miami Art Week 2023

Dec 8, 2023 | All News, Press Release

This week, during Miami Art Week 2023, our Code/Art team had the pleasure of unveiling a new Traveling Art Exhibit featuring student coded portraits. All of the featured works are by past student winners of Code/Art’s CodeYourSelf™ competition. The installation will be up at CONTEXT Art Miami from Dec. 5th-10th. Read below for more info on this exhibit and how it ties to our mission. We’d like to thank our partner, Infosys Foundation USA for supporting this initiative to celebrate our Code/Artists, Envoy for making this dream exhibit come to life, and Context Art Miami for letting us be a part of this amazing event! 

Exhibit Title: “Innovative Expressions: Code/Art Student Showcase”

Exhibition Overview: This exhibition showcases the extraordinary talent of young female coders, featuring art pieces created by students participating in the Code/Art’s annual “CodeYourSelf” competition. This unique contest, open to girls in grades 3-12, encourages them to explore the intersection of art and coding. These works represent not just technical skill but also the creative vision and innovation of young minds, blending artistic expression with the precision of computer programming.

About the Artworks: Each portrait in this exhibit was a finalist or winner in the national “CodeYourSelf” competition. These artworks were crafted using the programming language JavaScript and the processing.JS library. They highlight the diverse range of visual styles that can be achieved through generative art. Tap on each coded portrait to learn more about the Code/Artist, her inspiration, and even see a bit of her code!  



Our Vision: By presenting these works, Code/Art aims to inspire more girls to pursue computer science and technology. This exhibition is more than just a display of art; it’s a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the potential of young women in the tech world. Through their art, these students are paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse future in technology.

About Code/Art: Code/Art is a nonprofit organization with a mission to increase the number of girls studying computer science by delighting and inspiring them with the creative possibilities of computer programming. Through their initiatives, they aim to reduce the gender gap in technology, fostering a more diverse and inclusive tech industry for the future.