Professional Development for K-12 Teachers

Code/Art’s Intro to Creative Coding Professional Development (PD) workshops provide K-12 teachers with training, curriculum, and post-training support to lead code-based art lessons in the classroom! Each easy-to-teach lesson is geared toward inspiring students with the creative possibilities of computer programming, expanding their creativity and teaching them on-demand computing skills. No previous computer programming experience is required or expected.

To date, Code/Art has trained over 400 K-12 teachers from over 300 unique schools, 72% of those being Title I schools!


Code/Art is the perfect way to merge technology and creativity in the classroom and an ideal way to engage more students in computer science and computational thinking!


Beyond the training, Code/Art provides teachers with university-level teaching assistants to help teachers lead the lesson in the classroom.


Training provides pedagogical tips on how to make coding and computer science more welcoming and inclusive to all students at your school.

Intro To Creative Coding PD

  • Learn easy-to-teach lessons that don’t require prior coding experience 
  • Get post PD support from Code/Art trained instructors to ensure success (if this option is chosen)
  • Curriculum is aligned to FLDOE and CSTA standards; PD is CSTA accredited 
  • Great way to promote cross-curricular learning 

Make an impact

After taking our PD courses and having access to our Code/Art curriculum, teachers are able to:

  • Lead creative coding lessons in their classrooms during the school day or in after school clubs
  • Start new Creative Coding elective courses at high schools and middle schools
  • Implement curriculum geared toward increasing gender, racial and ethnic diversity in CS by implementing equitable teaching practices 

Fun Competitions for your Students

Code/Art lessons tie with our annual coding competitions for girls and non-binary students in grades 3-12. Encourage your female students to participate each school year for a chance to win prizes and have their project showcased in our annual conference and published book! Teachers with the most student submissions are awarded cash prizes as well. 

TeachER Testimonials

"Everyone involved with this PD was amazing. Lisa and her team were professional, knowledgeable, patient, funny, and so enjoyable to learn from. It was terrific."

Edna C., Teacher

"Amazing job and I felt supported the whole time. There was help always available. Super friendly and enjoyable!"

Charles L., Teacher

"This was incredible! I hope to set up a Code/Art club at my school! Thank you for picking me! This was so informative and a phenomenal way to merge art and technology."

Elysa B, Teacher

"The pace was great the instructors were knowledgeable, motivating and enthusiastic. This made the unknowns about coding less daunting. Bonus was having the TAs available at all times."

Avice W., Teacher

“I now feel very confident about being able to teach these Code/Art lessons to my students during our summer camp week. Thanks for making the learning so fun and accessible!”

Kristine B., Teacher

"Very resourceful and well organized workshop,with engaging activities and challenging projects that will be contribute to motivate my students either for face to face or virtual classes."

Maria V., Teacher

"I truly enjoyed the class! Lisa, Michael, and the TAs were wonderful. Thanks for the knowledge and energy!"

Collen C., Teacher

"The agenda, flow, and workshop topics were excellent and engaging. The lessons provoked my creativity. I know my students will LOVE Code/Art!!!"

Yolette M., Teacher

"This program is fun and an excellent way for students to gain interest in computer programming. It also allows them to utilize their many forms of self-expression."

Lora W., Teacher

"This was an amazing workshop! This is the first time, as a teacher, that I am seriously enthused, engrossed and excited in a training. Facilitators were awesome and patient with the class. Very well organized and super helpful."

Minouche T., Teacher

"This was an amazing training. I did not know everything that was available to girls in this field. I learned so much about the basics of coding. The staff and instructors were terrific. I love this organization now. I am motivated to introduce this to the girls at my middle school."

Keisha H., Teacher

"The class taught me the basics of coding in a matter of hours. I'm hooked and just want to learn more. The staff were so patient, accommodating to my lack of coding or computer science skill set and pumped and motivated throughout each day. I can't wait to teach it to my kids in the classroom."

Emily M., Teacher

"It's one of the best workshops for teachers to integrate technology and art. I am so grateful for the staff's knowledge and all the feedback. I look forward to introducing these techniques to my incoming 5th graders!

Loreta B., Teacher


What programming languages will we learn to teach?

Scratch, JavaScript + Processing.js, and Tinkercad 3D.

Will the lessons be taught to us the way we are to deliver them?


What supporting materials will be provided?

You will have access to a video tutorial, a detailed lesson plan, and a slide presentation for each of the four coding lessons.

We find that most teachers use the video tutorial and pause it for students to work where noted in the lesson plan when leading each of the Code/Art lessons.

Is there support if I get stuck implementing a particular lesson?

Each non-auditing PD participant may schedule up to two 2-hr sessions with two Code/Art trained university-level TAs (2-2-2 support), to assist as best fits their needs — help with prepping, answering student questions, assisting, or leading the lesson. TA support will be available on a virtual basis through Jan 15th, 2021.

In addition, you can access the resource section in the Code/Art Teacher Portal through your Code/Art login (given to all non-auditing PD participants).

Lastly, you can email questions to info@code-art.com, which will be answered in the order received, typically within 48 hours.

Can I share Code/Art lessons with other teachers?
Under our Terms of Use Agreement, you are not allowed to directly share Code/Art lessons with others, but we do want to allow other teachers access. You will be given a link to a request form that teachers can use to request access to our introductory video lessons. In this way, we are better able to track which teachers are using our lessons to assist them and better measure our true impact.